m00sic club

A y00ts m00sic club

We joined forces with the y00ts headbandclub

We all love music, and this is the place where everything music related comes together: y00ts radi00, playlists, remix contests and master classes. A place where y00t musicians, dj’s and music lovers can vibe, listen & exchange.

All music related y00ts traits are welcome: headphones, blue headphones, abbey roads, cobain goggles, radiohead squares & frank headbands.

Our plans include a discord-server with channels for musicians, dj’s, fanclubs, events and music production. an online store for merch & tickets, revenue share & airdrops.

We cant’t wait to tell you more about our public radio-station ‘y00ts radi00’ and exiting ways to create DAO revenue! we have some sick sht in the lab!!

our discord: y00ts headband club

we ❤️ this community, the headband club team @HeadbandClub

Marc van Bekkum / Marcus B / C◎L◎R / ColorShifterz