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Marc van Bekkum / Marcus B / C◎L◎R / ColorShifterz here are some of my productions (click on aliasses to see more of them)
‘South Africa’ is a song i wrote and produced for ‘Revelation Time’ the band where i play bass guitar. it became a No1 hit-record in 2 countries, and mobilized the north European people to actively stop the apartheid system in South Africa and free Nelson Mandela. Soccer player Ruud Gullit, who was a fan and friend of the band sang along in the chorus of this song. It was not released in countries like England and France because of their strong political ties with Botha, the cruel prime minister of South Africa at the time. The song initially was a letter to my uncle in South Africa. I had it in mind for a long time, never send it, but turned it into a song. It was always a highlight at our concerts and than Willem van Kooten (Red Bullet, Spinning Records) offered us an album deal.
revelation time – reggae music – a playlist of some of our music. we are currently working on new material that will be released soon.